Candyl Adventures

Candyl Adventures – Winter-Spring Edition

Game’s Story⭐⭐⭐

In a world of sugar🍬, candy🍭 and marshmallows🍢, Candyl the Candy Cane was playing hide and seek game with his beloved friends!
While hiding, his friends got tired and fell asleep💤.When they woke up they realized that they were in a different place and time⏳!!!
Candyl soon realized what had happened. His friends were caught in a magic cloud 🌫️time travel 🌫️ and they appeared in different places.
Mr.Donut was in winter and Mr. Lollipop was in spring!
Our beloved Candyl must go through many obstacles and enemies to find and rescue his sweet friends. Candyl Adventures is a 2d Platformer Family Game playable by All ages!
Join the Adventures Of Candyl and travel through the four different year seasons on an amazing journey!!!


🍭 2 Season Stories to Unlock!
🍭 Find Your Missing Friends
🍭 16 Unique Levels!
🍭 Family 2d Platformer Game, playable by all ages!
🍭 Different “hidden” rooms and paths to follow, Delicious Sweets to Discover!
🍭 Sweet Enemies and Obstacles to Avoid!
🍭 Easy to play, hard to MASTER, very hard to FINISH!!!