Fallen Paladin

Fallen Paladin

Game Story

In the land of Tangeros, beyond the monster infected seas of Landeron, lies the kingdom of Azeron,where the dynasty of Wryns ruled for many decades bringing peace and prosperity to the kingdom.

After the August full moon things changed, the skies turned dark and a horde of monsters appeared in the kingdom. Thousands of innocents were slain and the king’s army could do nothing to stop the enraged hordes of monster that were ravaging the kingdom.

The three dark Sorcerers of Gonzul were behind this. They have opened a dark portal that lead the horde to the kingdom. The king send heroes of the land to close the portal but the magic of the Sorcerers was too much to overcome all the heroes were slain.

Only one hope was left, the fallen paladin Zark, once a champion of the light and a great hero. After his family was slain by monsters he became dark and violent, violating all his principles as paladin. His order renounced his champion status after he tortured and killed all the monsters and their human associates.

The king promised to give him back his paladin and champion status only if he would close the portal and kill the three sorcerers. Zark took his sword, wore his armour and began his adventure. The trip to the dark portal was long and dangerous…


Game Features

  • 6 Unique Levels
  • 3 Special Paladin Skills
  • 40+ Unique enemies
  • 6 Boss Fights with special skills
  • 17 Equipable items
  • Boss drops