VR Cyborg Warrior

VR Cyborg Warrior

VR Cyborg Warrior – Space shooter is a Sci-Fi, shooting game with all created in virtual reality mode.

You control a fierce cyborg warrior against a mighty alien invasion race called the Morguls that invade the confederation borders leaving ruins in their path. As a prototype Cyborg warrior, it is equipped with the most sophisticated weaponry and decides to make the impossible and challenge the Morgul’s invasion alone! He is striking directly their mighty stronghold!
Survive the intense battles in a series of levels facing deadly traps, turrets that shoot you on sight, dozens of Morgul fighters and fierce Morgul’s Bosses.
Experience the fast-paced shooting action and play the real challenging levels for the first time. Play this VR shooting game as a mighty cyborg warrior using various weaponry like pistols, sniper rifles, grenade launchers, each weapon changing completely the character’s gameplay.

The VR Cyborg Warrior – Space shooter game is a brand new addition to the genre of VR shooting games due to its amazing mixed reality gaming effects along with high-poly textures and HD graphics. Get in the virtual reality world to play in a series of levels one more difficult than the other. Each level will help the hero gather in-game currency, buying new more powerful equipment and ammunition slowly becoming a lethal weapon.

Get ready for the ultimate challenge against the alien horde and bring out all your aiming skills for the extreme fights that lie ahead of you. Prove yourself a legendary hero carrying the future of humanity on your hands. Buckle up for the breathtaking battles and become the hero of the confederation in no time!

Game Features:

★ Compatible with all virtual reality glasses.
★ Highly addictive gameplay with lots of fun.
★ Realistic 3D graphics with dynamic lighting effects.
★ The choice between multiple weapons each with different stats and abilities.
★ A lot of thrilling missions against different enemies, traps and turrets.
★ Upgrade your hero with new equipment making him more powerful.
★ Best quality sound effects with realistic battle sounds.

Game Play:

– Insert your device into the VR glasses and gaze to navigate and choose.
– Use the gamepad to move, change weapon and shoot.
– No need to reload, simply aim and shoot to kill!