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Tetra-Forge is an indie game studio based in Athens, founded by Vasilis Vogkas and Sarantopoulos Panagiotis.

Since Autumn 2018 we have developed a series of various game projects. Some were published while others remained underdeveloped.Through our website, we wish to share our current state and showcase  our portofolio. Over the 2 past years we try to release a great indipendent game title. Platformers, FPS, Card Games, Runner, Call-to-Action, VR are more or less some of the types of Projects we have managed at a fair budget. Enjoy your stay  : )


We are currently developing a Horror Adventure. It will be available for Desktop PCs via Steam and itch.io although we plan on releasing it on xbox store as well.



Is an independent development company that has handled more software-related projects besides Game Dev. In the Projects Section we showcase works involving various computing fields such as web design, marketing and software development. Game development is our passion. It should be mentioned that we have not yet developed a title good enough to compete with top players. Nonetheless, we are a small group working hard to serve content. We learn from mistakes, we search and we are quite proud of our progress. Since our journey began we have released free-to-play games . Right now we are creating a premium horror adventure named LAD : Live Another Day and Space Wonders (a series puzzle space mystery games) We realized (sooner or later) that what makes you good is your audience. We are trying to create a community with people that like and appreciate our work. This is why we started our Discord server. Anyone is able to enter and watch all of our work in progress and participate in in-game-building sessions with suggestions and opinions. We wish to share our knowledge, serve mindblowing content and grow organically a community across the globe. Feel free to follow us on this journey.You can find us via social, discord and contact.


LAD : Live Another Day Horror
A desktop-based horror adventure. Featuring 4 amazing locations with lots of zombies and a breathtaking storyline. More coming soon.

Space Wonders
A free-to-play puzzle game available for all platforms. A game inspired by astroonomy and realistic quizes. More information coming soon.

Unholy Chronicles
One of our biggest projects. Unfotunately it is currently innactive. Feel free to read more on this one ! For more information click here


Candyl Adventures
Our first mobile game title.Help Candyl reach Santa Claus House through a series of difficult levels before time is off! For more information click here.

Towers and Droids
A tower defence mobile game utilizing low poly graphics. Featuring 50+ Levels with 5 boss fights (story based) in 4 unique worlds. Unfortunately it was never finished.But have a look! For more information click here

Droid Run
A mobile game that is at about 80% of completion. Sharing the graphics of towers and droids above, it includes 4 universes loaded with cool powerups and gear upgrades. Almost cool game. For more information click here

Mermaid Tales
A classic 2D sweet runner for.It was ment to release on mobile devices. With powerups, 24 Levels, nice features based on a mermaid sweet story! For more information click here

Fallen Paladin
In the land of Tangeros, beyond the monster infected seas of Landeron, lies the kingdom of Azeron.A Run And Slash mobile game. For more information click here

Egil's Ballad
A quite magnificent work that stopped and left on the shelf.It's about a hybrid soldier and his long journey. A Top Down Beat 'em up strategy mobile game. For more information click here


We start small.

We Grow together.

Is to develop and expand our portofolio in new and innovative ways. We are here  to fill this imaginative world with challenging game designs, atmospheric adventures and as many captivating storylines as possible for all the folks to escape into.

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Vasilis Vogkas

The original Founder of Tetra Forge. 

general manager

Panagiotis Sarantopoulos

Creator and project management.


Aggelos Ioannidis



Alexandros Leontakianakos

Programming-Graphic Designer

LEVEL DESIGN-programming

Nikos Kalamatas

Level Design and Development.

By Vasilis & Panagiotis.